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Materials on the Potawatomi

The Potawatomi ProjectTo then focus in on the historic people of the Woodland cultural area who have inhabited such states as Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan, MINAS has created a variety of materials on the Potawatomi, “The People of the Fire.”  MINAS has researched their history and culture, clothing and craftsmanship, use of plants for food and medicine, respect for the earth and continued life today. Working with the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians from southwest Michigan, we have created more than 10 books on specific topics, beautifully illustrated by a noted Potawatomi artist. MINAS offers accompanying student research sheets on each book and also offers suggestions of cultural artifacts to bring these books to life during presentations. We have also created overlay maps of Potawatomi villages, trails and camps of some urban areas in Illinois to give students a real sense of history in their own backyards.